Samsara – capitalizarea orientalismului. Despre exoticizarea spațiului ca strategie de marketing

Autori: Butean Silvia, Chiorean Elena, Lugojan Victor, Palaga Cristine, Rusu Corina.

This paper aims to demonstrate two main points: first, that oriental objects, whether they be concrete, tangible things or signs, symbols and concepts are re-moulded in the West and subordinated to the seemingly near-implacable laws of the market; second, that because of this we can no longer speak of faithful representation, but of patchwork imitation.
There is no duty that binds mercantile agents to accurate recreation and correct translation. All that is aimed at it is to create the illusion of the exotic, the far, the unknown, the strange, for it is this ilusion that facilitates economic exchange, not reality. It is this lure to the ,,non-I’’ that we term ,, alterity capital’’.

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